Published in 2015 by Muswell Hill Press, Moving through Grief, Reconnecting with Nature, gathers stories of people from around the world who experience grief, weeping and other deep emotions in response to nature. Sometimes the tears are in response to the degradation of nature, sometimes in awe of the beauty of the natural world, and most often involving a sense of the sacred. For some people, in times of personal grief, nature holds them and allows healing. 

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"This is a beautifully crafted, intelligent, humanly transparent and touching book, flowing seamlessly through complex levels of personal and collective experience from visceral connection with the earth and its creatures to our connection with the ultimate mystery of existence."

"At once personal and scholarly, this book...outlines the original close bond between human beings and nature, and the increasing disconnect....Carefully researched and well thought out, the author offers balanced arguments for understanding what is happening in our world, and shares first-hand accounts from many people (including himself) who are affected by the disconnect, and who have found relief through restoring physical and spiritual connections to nature."

Dufrechou "calls us to seek our profound connection to all of life, to our greater wholeness, holiness. It is written in an easily accessible, warm-hearted, and personal way. Although his work is an academic contribution; he is more of a poet with a tender heart. I read it in small parts, savoring it like a banquet. Grief can lead to great wisdom."

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